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Awesome, even through 5 hours :D

I love the game, hilarious sounds and events/pickups :D i think my favorite would have to be the banana though SHAROUKIN! lol

anyway i love the achievements too they provide some of the best aimless persistence inspiration which makes it all the more fun.

hey by the way though i cant understand how to get the lock/unluck that has the star-launch the turtle... if anybody knows what to do please reply or pm

vista website

i like it, very funny to me, in any case how do you get past the ctrl.alt.delete.! part?
i press it and it explodes.. its frustrating...
i like the game but if thats the ending my rating goes way down because it would be too short for anything yet it alternatively makes a point against vista

Lynkusu responds:

You... just have to be fast. xD

I know it's short, but... it was my first ever Flash game. It took two weeks to get that much.

holy shit

i give it 9 because i havent played the game through yet but so far i love this game dude, its got soem of the best PIXEL graphics ive ever seen and the name suer mario 63 just says hey nintendo look what i can do! plus i fucking love super mario bros.

keep up the good work freaking awesome man1 X)

it was great but -

way too short, it was fun and i liked it and all, but it was simply too short. you should make another but this time like go world wide and you could call it his vacation or something, not trying to be annoying, just trying to give suggestions because this really was a great flash

wtf man!?

i cant get anywhere but the devastation trail, botanic gardens and the flipping hotel, why the hell cant i get anywhere else?!

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