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another great flash

this is again another great piece of work by you, ive really been impressed by your work man, please keep going with this man! And i say this too you because i feel as if got a gift for manking things funny, even if there not, please, i say again, keep going with this!

this is one of the greatest!

this is one of the greatest flashes ive ever seen, man this is really good work! i am really impressed with it! please keep making these series dude!

dude, this was awsome!

this is an awsome little short, it is totally hilarious man, i am looking forward for more of your flashes like this one man, it was FUNNY

really good

i liked it as well, it was really good yet i think the fight scenes could have lasted a bit longer and could have been a bit more dramatic. other than that i think it was really great, keep up the good work

wow... just wow

this is great man, i love queen and zelda.. so when you put them together you just strengthen the bond! dude, keep up the good work man!

its pretty good

i like the flash a lot and the humo as well, but i hae the gamecube version of twilight princess and midna neve has hair that long unlessshes moving something... but any way i was pretty good and i liked it, keep up the good work dude

this is gold, dude

this is oneof he best flashes i've had the pleasure to watch, i watch it one time and i want to watch it again and again. its awsome- nuff said. keep up the great work dude


this is actually one of the most graphically advances flash movies i have ever seen..... im serious the first thing that popped into my mind was "wow this looks really good for a flash!" it was awsome keep up the good work, i hope to be seeing more of your animation

this was awsome!

this was an awsome clip and think that this shuold at least have been/should be in the top 50 of all time dude! it was so good you scored a 1-UP in my book, basically, SWEET JOB DUDE keep up the good work!

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