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Loved the artwork and style that went into this! Music was catchy and upbeat too, and did a great job portraying the mood of the art. Dancing sequence did repeat a bit though, but overall it still was a wonderful piece. Great job!

Loved it! I'm not homosexual, but I appreciate how this gives insight into not only homosexuality but how oppressive the majority of society is towards those who are different: gay or not. The only true way for us all to find happiness is to respect each others' personal choices and coexist together, making a brighter future for future generations. The art style and voice acting were spot on, and the message within sewed it together perfectly. This is why art was created.

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You mad, Axman13?

You can't catch this flash, not when it's in MAXIMUM OVERTROLL!
I loved this, and were I in your shoes, I would have done the same thing, lol. I gave it a 5 for funny and a troll-tacular response to the original review. However, I give a 9/10 because it wasn't really something original and made a joke at an already existing item. However, that doesn't take away one iota of awesomeness. Troll on!

Truly funny!

A well made point expressed by very charismatic characters. I do so enjoy your work of art, and applaud your unique concept of fairy tales vs the internet.

On another note; WHAT is the song that plays if you don't press play/replay?
I love it, and would like to download it if you don't mind, good sir.

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JohnnyUtah responds:

check my song credits off to he left chief, it's right there to download.

Loved it!


Besides that, it was really funny, and I like how you went through them all chronologically. I really am looking forward to Sonic 4, though. :D

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I believe that your fatal flaw as that you did not us moderation. Video-games are great, and are fun to play, I've been a gamer since I can remember and this has not happened to me. But this is because i used moderation, I agree with you however and am not putting you down in anyway, but the simple fact that you understated is that to play video games you do not have to be alone, it doesn't have to make you overweight, and that in using moderation one can achieve both entertainment and spare time to do the important things thy would've given up otherwise.

Is it the games that make a person, or does the person make the game?

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Scared me shitless.

'nuff said...

Comick responds:

cool thanks a lot! :)

Leaves me epically speechelss.

This is by far my favorite episode, partially because of the humor in it reminds me of my comic series, and partially because of the mind boggling animating skill you show within this piece of awesomeness known as Super Mario Bros Z.
I've always been a fan since it began, and even though they may take a while to come out, by God, they are worth it, thank you for your time making these and posting then. Keep on rocking on, Alvin Earthworm!


screw the guys who think it was low quality, i t was 8-bit its made of 8-bit pixels so its not going to be final fantasy shit. The collab was awesome, only downside i have to say was that it was a tad short, but thats easily overlooked, i really liked the fact that instead of being high end quality you chose to be original and make a collab of pixels, the music was cool too! Please, make some other 8-bit stuff

what... the fuck...?

80% of the entire thing i had no idea what was going on, and i loved every minute of it :D

what's the name of the song your bastardised? not that i want it but i mean wtf it seemed lke a combination of final fantasy, pokemon, the advant children movie, full metal alchemist, and i think star wars.... i loved it and i say that it was awesome and humbly request wtf is the actual name of the song? lopl

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